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Bill sued to keep 11 libraries open

More than 200,000 Philadelphia adults lack a high school diploma.

More than 500,000 Philadelphia adults have below-basic literacy skills.

Only 21% of Philadelphia adults have a bachelor's degree or higher; the city ranks 92nd out of the 100 largest cities in college attainment.  

Nearly 40% of Philadelphia households lack internet access. 

Bill launched a comprehensive plan to bring Philadelphia city government into the digital age through a package of initiatives termed “Open Government Philadelphia.”

"Open Government Philadelphia – both as a philosophical approach to how government should work and as a series of concrete actions – is aligned with the City’s current needs, its upcoming challenges, and, importantly, its available resources,” Bill explained. “The city is poised to spend $120 million on technology upgrades over the next six years. For this investment to yield the return we hope for and desperately need – i.e., innovation that increases city government’s effectiveness, while reducing its size and cost – we must proceed with purpose, foresight, and a bold vision.

Criminal Justice System Reforms
One of Bill's proudest accomplishments in his first term is his service on the city's Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB) to help improve public safety.

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"We have worked together to bring the City back from very very troubling and challenging times... We may not always agree on each and every issue, but I know that from my time as a member of City Council I from time to time had different thoughts and ideas from former Mayor Rendell and that never got in the way of us getting business done. That's the kind of relationship I want to have." - Mayor Nutter.