Meet The Candidates!

Two events tonight (Wednesday, 16th) and another tomorrow (Thursday, 17th)

Liberty City Democratic Club
6-7:30 PM, William Way Center, 1315 Spruce Streets

CCRA Redistricting Panel
7:30-9 PM, Ethical Society, 1906 Rittenhouse Square
Bill will be on the panel of this CCRA event tonight on Rittenhouse Square with special guest commentators: Tom Ferrick, Senior Editor of The Metropolis; Zack Stalberg, President and CEO of The Committee of Seventy; and Lindsay Doering and Stephanie Singer, the Republican and Democratic leaders of the 8th Ward.

6-9 PM, Academy of Natural Sciences, Logan Circle

The City of Philadelphia has identified sustainability as a key practice for enhancing and improving the economy, the environment, and the quality of life of our citizens. Leadership on these issues among Philadelphia City Council will be critical. This forum will provide At-Large Council Candidates of both parties an opportunity to highlight their positions on issues such as energy, waste, transportation, land reuse and food access.

The March 17th forum is the first of three programs addressing this important issue!

(Moderator) Chris Satullo- Executive Director of News and Civic Dialogue


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"I ran for office four years ago and I am running today because I love this City... My campaign theme in 2007 and still today - 'beholden to none, accountable to all' - reflects my commitment to be a strong, independent voice for all Philadelphians." - Bill Green