How business privilege tax reform in Philadelphia helps: Some examples

Jeff Blumenthal
Reporter - Philadelphia Business Journal

If you are wondering which businesses could benefit the most from business privilege tax (BPT) reform measures passed by City Council Thursday, think small. As in small businesses.

In today’s print edition we featured a story that discusses the changes and what the business community thinks of them.

Just as a refresher, a bill sponsored by City Council members Bill Green and Maria Quiñones-Sánchez brings the following changes to the BPT burden:

• Freezes the gross receipts tax rate at the current 0.1415 percent rate while the 6.45 percent net income tax would phase down over a 10-year period (beginning in 2013) to 6 percent.

• Provides $100,000 exemptions of gross receipts and a proportionate share of the net income for all businesses.

• Phases in a single sales factor apportionment, meaning that Philadelphia businesses would pay net income tax here only on income derived from sales inside the city.

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