Green questions Administration on Budget

Robert P. Strauss, a professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, is a close observer of Philadelphia's attempts at reassessment, as well as the still simmering controversy over reassessment in Allegheny County.

In Philadelphia, Strauss said, the city and school district's desperate need for funding, and the political fallout that will come with AVI - with or without a tax increase folded in - should override the ideal situation of "revenue neutrality."

"Historical inequities are going to be corrected in one fell swoop, and the losers in this change are going to be very angry," said Strauss.

"This is not a financial situation that you can be a perfectionist - there's just a gaping amount of red ink," he said. "You might as well pick up some more money when everyone's mad at you."

Green disagreed, saying the Nutter administration was doing what the Board of Revision of Taxes had been accused of for years.

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