Councilmembers Green and Henon introduce legislation to challenge parking tickets and city citations in writing

PHILADELPHIA, PA – City Councilman-At-Large Bill Green and Bobby Henon today introduced legislation requiring the City to permit tickets to be contested via mail and electronically as an additional service and convenience to citizens. Together, the legislation requires the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication (BAA), the Office of Administrative Review (OAR) and other City departments and agencies to permit alleged violators to contest a citation in person, by mail, or electronically using email, website, facsimile or other methods. Currently, parking tickets are contested in person at the BAA and most other citations are contested in person at OAR; both agencies are located in Center City.

“My office has received dozens of calls from constituents who have received quality- of-life related violations, such as tickets for setting trash out too early in the day.  Both of these bills,” says Henon, “require the city and its agencies, including the parking authority to provide alternative methods for citizens to contest and challenge the validity of a citation without disrupting their jobs or lives.”

In fiscal year 2011, parking violations alone included more than 1.6 million tickets issued.  "We want to make it as easy for citizens to challenge an enforcement action as it is for the PPA or the city agency to issue the ticket," Green said.  Creating a process to contest violations without having to show up in person is an added convenience that also can save money for our citizens.  “Paying a ticket is usually cheaper than fighting it, when people have to take time off from work to challenge it,” Green added.

Henon, whose district encompasses much of the greater northeast, added that “the current process for in-person hearings is onerous not only in my district for seniors and the disabled, and any person who has a full time job; it’s an unnecessary burden for any Philadelphian.”


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