Councilman Green Introduces Job Creation Legislation to put Philadelphia Residents and Local Businesses to Work

PHILADELPHIA, PA City Councilman-At-Large Bill Green today introduced legislation requiring that jobs paid for indirectly with public investment by the City go to Philadelphia residents. Under the ordinance, Philadelphia residents must perform 100% of the work hours created by certain public works and non- professional services contracts. In companion legislation intended to incent private investment resulting in the hiring of Philadelphians, private party beneficiaries of public subsidies are required to interview Philadelphia residents first for all new, entry-level jobs generated by such subsidies. The City will maintain a “First Source” list of qualified applicants for this purpose. The jobs policy further requires certification of Philadelphia businesses before bid awards and targeted increases in city contracting opportunities for local businesses.

“Philadelphia sorely needs to create jobs,” Green explained. “The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter, which was written before outsourcing became part of our vocabulary, already requires City residency for most City employees. It now makes sense to expand the residency requirement when we ask contractors to perform work on our behalf,” Green explained. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Philadelphia unemployment stands at 10.9%, which is the highest among the 11 counties that make up the Philadelphia-Camden- Wilmington Metropolitan Statistical Area. Philadelphia’s unemployment rate is rising as it is falling in surrounding counties.

The legislation includes the following components:

  • Requiring 100% of the hours worked on competitively bid City-funded contracts over $150,000 to be performed by Philadelphia residents;
  • Requiring beneficiaries of certain City subsidies to first consider Philadelphia residents for 100% of new, entry-level jobs created as a result of the subsidy;
  • Requiring the processing of a firm’s pending application for Local Business Entity (LBE) status prior to determining the lowest responsible bidder on a contract for which the firm submitted a bid and may be eligible for a 5% LBE preference; and
  • Setting goals for the number of businesses to be newly certified as LBEs each year and for the increased participation of LBEs in competitively bid and non-competitively bid City contracts.

“We are beginning make Philadelphia more business-friendly through tax reform. We also must ensure that, to the extent possible, City dollars are put to work supporting Philadelphia-based businesses and the employment of City residents,” Councilman Green stated. 

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