Budget Hearings 2011

Departmental hearings on the City Budget start(ed) today. Here's a few places to keep in mind during the process.

1) at our yorn.com site - yorn.com/phillybudget - you can submit questions and get answers - either from Bill and his staff or maybe have them asked in Session!

2) Bill's a big believer in budgeting for outcomes - but what does that mean? Click here for a primer on it!

3) Are you ready for COUNCILMANIA??

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"We have worked together to bring the City back from very very troubling and challenging times... We may not always agree on each and every issue, but I know that from my time as a member of City Council I from time to time had different thoughts and ideas from former Mayor Rendell and that never got in the way of us getting business done. That's the kind of relationship I want to have." - Mayor Nutter.